Laying sheet vinyl

Before you start

Leave the vinyl sheet in a room for 24 to 48 hors before laying, preferably opened flat – or at least stood on end, loosely rolled. Make a scribing gauge by driving a bail through a wooden lath about lets say 50mm from the end. You will use this gauge for fitting the sheet against the skirtings.

Fitting and cutting sheet vinyl

Assuming there are no seams, start by fitting the sheet against the longest wall. Pull the vinyl away from the wall by approximately 35mm, make sure it is parallel with the wall or the main axis of the room. Use the scribing gauge to score the line that follows the skirting (See pic. 1). Cut the vinyl with a knife, the slide the sheet up against the wall. To get the rest of the sheet lie as flat as possible, cut a triangle notch at each corner. At external corners, make a straight cut down to the floor. Remove as much waste as possible, leaving 50 to 75mm turned up all round.
Using a bolster, press the vinyl into the angle between the skirting and the floor. Align a metal straightedge with the crease and run a sharp knife along it, held at a slight angle to the skirting (See pic.2).

Trimming to fit the door way

To fit the vinyl around the frame, crease it against the floor and trim off the waste. Make a straight cut across the opening, and fit a threshold bar to cover the edge.

Sticking and joining sheet vinyl

Sheet-vinyl can be loose-laid, but you may prefer to at least glue the edges, especially across a door opening. Peel back the edge and spread a band of the recommended flooring adhesive, using a toothed spreader, or apply double-sided adhesive tape, 50mm wide, to the floor.

Joining strips of vinyl

If you have a join widths of vinyl, overlap the free edge with the second sheet until the pattern matches exactly. Cut through both pieces with a knife, then remove the waste strips. Without moving the sheets, fold back both cut edges and apply tape or adhesive, then press the join together.

pic. 1 fit to the wall by scribing with a nailed strip

pic. 2 Press the folded edge to the skirting and cut

Cutting to fit a curve

To fit around a WC pan or basin pedestal, fold back the sheet and piece it with a knife just above floor level; draw the blade up towards the edge of the sheet. Make triangular cuts around the base, gradually working around the curve until the sheet can lie flat on the floor. Crease, and cut off the waste.

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